Tempesta Systems

Tempesta Systems

The perfect choice for modern, architectural bathrooms

With its crisp, cylindrical profile and distinctivebevelled detailing, the New Tempesta System is the perfectchoice for modern, architectural bathrooms. Like all GROHEshower systems, it is easy to install and packed with greattechnology. The 160 mm head shower and 390 mm showerarm can be swivelled to create the perfect angle while thehand shower features two spray patterns – a rich Rain Sprayand a vigorous Jet Spray.

The shower rail features an inner water guide, and thethermostat‘s GROHE TurboStat® technology means you cantake a luxurious shower secure in the knowledge the waterwill stay at the preselected temperature even if the waterpressure changes.

Go for the Good – high quality and comfort assured,including GROHE’s renowned technologies for maximumenjoyment. Guaranteed.

There are no products currently in this collection, please check back here in the future, as new product is being added daily.

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