Payment Security

Livecopper partners with PayFast to give you a safe and convenient shopping experience.

Livecopper is committed to keeping your information safe and secure.

By partnering with PayFast, we do not hold any payment information anywhere on the Livecopper site.

PayFast is one of the leading online payment gateways that carries a no risk philosophy when it comes to your payment security.

They manage to accomplish this by having a a multitude of checks in place to protect buyers from fraudulent transactions.

  • PayFast uses Extended Validation SSL with 256-bit encryption. 
  • Only two of the four major South African banks use this, the highest, level of encryption currently available.
  • 3D Secure is in place for all credit card transactions.
  • All sensitive info is encrypted within their own database.
  • PayFast run penetration testing on their system on a weekly basis to look for vulnerabilities. 
  • PayFast are only required to do it once every three months, but they run it every week.
  • Their entire site, blog and help site are served off secure servers, making it harder to perpetrate phishing attacks.
  • PayFast also have an excellent monitoring system that does, among other things: 
  • GEO IP tracking, velocity testing, BIN/IIN validation and checks against online databases.

3D Secure is an extra layer of security in using your credit card for online transactions.

For online transactions over R1000 you'll be asked to enter your 3D Secure password

(different from the PIN), which is called Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode by the respective credit card companies.

You have to register for 3D Secure with your card issuing bank, and can be set up either

as a password of your choice or a one-time-password that will be sent to you by email/SMS.

Please click on your bank logo for information on how to set up 3D Secure with your bank, if you haven't already done so.



For your safety and peace of mind we suggest that you make yourself aware of the process that you will go through when making an online payment via Visa or Mastercard. Livecopper (Pty) Ltd use the trusted services of PayFast, which provides a fast and secure method of making your online payments. Livecopper does not store your banking details  

For more information regarding Payfast, please click on this link to be taken to the Payfast Security Details page.

EFT payments is a common payment method offered by Livecopper. This option takes place off the Livecopper site and is handled between you and your bank, Please note that our banking details are available on our invoices and check out.

It is advisable before making an online payment, that you have an anti-virus program installed and that it is up to date. A recent, thorough malware scan on your PC is also recommended. If you do not have either of these programs installed, please follow the download links below. Livecopper (Pty) Ltd cannot be held liable for any infringement or compromise on your sensitive information..

Avast Anti-Virus - One of the best anti-virus programs available on the web. Free or paid options available.
Malwarebytes - The best anti-malware software on the web. Free or paid options available.


A piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.


Short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems

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